School 2.0 @ Café Numérique : ICT, communication and learning technologies for education purpose

On Wednesday March 31st at 7:00 pm, I am co-organizing a school 2.0 session at the Café Numérique and more generally “ICT, communication and learning technologies for education purpose” (in French, l’école 2.0 ou les technologies au service de l’education).

As the topic covers many different areas, for the first time we will do a kind of introduction with a little of everything: education 2.0, learning 2.0, podcast, research 2.0, communication 2.0 of school and universities, etc. It will be an opportunity for attendees to discover there are great things also happening at home in Belgium and Europe.

We will try to live stream the keynotes, channel

If you cannot attend school 2.0 @ café numérique at Mirano Brussels, thank you for sharing your questions at the following link We will try to post answers to your question asap.

RSVP the Facebook event here. HAPPY HOUR at Mirano, especially  for the school 2.0!! Hashtags: #school20 and #cafeN.


19h00 Doors open
19h00 – 20h00 Arrivée des participants, discussions au bar
20h00 – 20h05 Introduction, Antoine Perdaens
20h05 – 20h25 Problématique de l’enseignement 2.0, constats et outils               pour les enseignants, Jacques FolonIsabelle Choquet
20h25 – 20h45 Accompagnement pédagogique, claroline, outil                             d’e-learning, Marcel LebrunDenis Smidts
20h45 – 20h55 UniCast, le système d’enregistrement et de diffusion de cours de l’Université de Liège, Didier Korthoudt
20h55 – 21h05 KATHO lectures on iTunes U, Martijn Vandenberghe –                  Simon Vanherweghe
21h05 – 21h20 Learning in the open, Eric Duval
21h20 – 21h35 Aperçu des outils et technologies au service de l’éducation et de la recherche, Kindja J. Lwabandji
21h35 – 22h15 Q&A
22h15 – 22h20 Next CafeN, Edouard Seynaeve
22h20 – 23h30 Networking

Special thanks to speakers and team at Café Numérique!


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