My TEDxBrussels Interview

I had recently the opportunity to be interviewed by TEDxBrussels for their new initiative “the daily interview”: 7 small questions for 7 short answers. Here is a transcript. I could talk about engineering but I chose to focus on the humanist side this time. Anyway, they are not incompatible.

1/ My most important side-project for the moment is:
Gathering people through ResearchTalks conferences, thanks to a great team. The goal is to engage the interest of the audience by bringing the expertise of different specialists around a theme with 1 rule: 20 images in 12 minutes each talk. ResearchTalks has seen economists, researchers, legal experts, and other speakers talk on subject as varied as nanotechnologies, the economic crisis, the nuclear energy, agriculture and agroecology or smart objects.

2/ The person, the creation, the project that has inspired me lately is :
Pierre Rabhi and his “Oasis en tous lieux”, Oasis in any place, by which he advocates a society that respects the population, involves people and that produces food in a way to preserve natural resources. His work is impressive, and without earning any university degree about agriculture or sociology, Pierre Rabhi learned about Nature just by observing it. With his hands and intelligence, he gave Life in the desert from the Ardeche to the Sahel by putting back together the chain of life that we continuously break.

To me, his influence is important in the way that he invites us to think on all the threats that overshadow the future of humankind and to make us conscious and responsible of our actions. We are all depending of one another, from North to South, West to East of the planet.

Lola ya bonobo

3/ The 3 factors I believe crucial for an idea/project/business to spread are:

1- education. Educate to touch the soul and reach the minds.
2- time. Either time itself or being there at the right time.
3- chance. It’s a matter of opportunity to make a project work.

4/ My favorite place in the world is:
Any organic kitchen garden!

5/ Before I die I want to:
To me, every day is an achievement, and I’m happy of what I do every single day.

6/ Are you coming to TEDxBrussels this year?
Probably at the end of the day!

7/ Why?
It is after all the one year event to attend! I have been to TEDxBrussels since the very first edition in the European Parliament in 2009, and I was directly hooked. Everybody you meet at TEDxBrussels is bringing you something new, and meeting new people at TEDx always ends up in interesting discussions.


TEDx Experiment

Copy of the statement I made for TEDxBrussels

Second time I volunteered at TEDxBrussels. It’s through a combination of circumstances I found myself involved in the TEDx crew. Already fond of TED talks, I signed up for the first event at the parliament in 2009 and few days before the event, I heard that the organizers were looking actively for volunteers.

At that time, it was sold out to 500 attendees with 500 more still on the waiting list. I made my choice, gave up my seat and certainly made the day to somebody unknown, and went into this exciting experience.

This earned me a guaranteed free seat for the next event. So, last summer I received a reminder saying that I can book a free spot and part of the audience as promised. And once again I gave that seat but this time to my friend and rather chose to volunteer again, with no regret !

I was appointed for the Twitter Wall and Bibi Russel’s fashion show. I had the chance to meet and know more about Bibi Russel, an astounding woman who is doing a remarkable job. I ironed more than 20 marvelous silk outfit pieces for the catwalk. Although small my contribution was, I still feel I contributed in my own way to support the works done by over 2000 women and that means a lot. Next step, take the Thalys to Paris to get that beautiful handmade blue silk outfit 😉

 Bibi Russel @ TEDx

Bibi Russel

TEDx experience is all about meeting other peers, other people who believe in and want to change the world. It gives us an opportunity to contribute to something that we care so much about and naturally making new friends in the process.

A terrific, amazing experience and can’t wait till the next one!!

Les filles, les maths, les sciences, l’ingĂ©nierie… le dĂ©but d’une longue histoire d’amour

C’est une belle histoire, celle d’une romance d’aujourd’hui…


Un événement Greenlight for girls qui se tiendra pour la première fois en Belgique le samedi 20 novembre 2010 (dans les locaux de l’International School of Brussels situés à Boitsfort/Bruxelles). Une journée entièrement dédiée aux sciences et à l’ingénierie; au programme activités et ateliers pratiques pour les filles âgées de 11 à 15 ans. 

Le but de l’événement est d’éveiller et d’intéresser les jeunes filles à poursuivre une carrière dans les sciences et technologies en rendant ces matières amusantes au travers des workshops et labos didactiques (multimedia, électronique, robotique, créativité..). Les ateliers sont donnés dans les 3 langues au choix: Français, Anglais et Néerlandais. La participation à l’événement est totalement gratuite pour les adolescentes. Allez hop, on s’inscrit? A ce jour, on approches les 200 inscriptions et on attend 300 filles max.

J’organise et anime un atelier sur la robotique “program your robot”. A l’issue de la journée, celles qui auront été sélectionnées auront le privilège d’aller visiter dans les jours à venir le studio d’ ASIMO, le célèbre humanoïde.

Grâce aux moyens et “gadgets” que nous disposons à l’heure actuelle, on peut réellement prendre son pied avec les sciences et les rendre amusantes. 

“Math can be fun”! Une des chouettes présentations TEDxBrussels 2009.