TEDx Experiment

Copy of the statement I made for TEDxBrussels

Second time I volunteered at TEDxBrussels. It’s through a combination of circumstances I found myself involved in the TEDx crew. Already fond of TED talks, I signed up for the first event at the parliament in 2009 and few days before the event, I heard that the organizers were looking actively for volunteers.

At that time, it was sold out to 500 attendees with 500 more still on the waiting list. I made my choice, gave up my seat and certainly made the day to somebody unknown, and went into this exciting experience.

This earned me a guaranteed free seat for the next event. So, last summer I received a reminder saying that I can book a free spot and part of the audience as promised. And once again I gave that seat but this time to my friend and rather chose to volunteer again, with no regret !

I was appointed for the Twitter Wall and Bibi Russel’s fashion show. I had the chance to meet and know more about Bibi Russel, an astounding woman who is doing a remarkable job. I ironed more than 20 marvelous silk outfit pieces for the catwalk. Although small my contribution was, I still feel I contributed in my own way to support the works done by over 2000 women and that means a lot. Next step, take the Thalys to Paris to get that beautiful handmade blue silk outfit 😉

 Bibi Russel @ TEDx

Bibi Russel

TEDx experience is all about meeting other peers, other people who believe in and want to change the world. It gives us an opportunity to contribute to something that we care so much about and naturally making new friends in the process.

A terrific, amazing experience and can’t wait till the next one!!


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